'Wedding Singer' premieres

By Danielle Church
News Editor
The theater department is putting on the musical “the Wedding Singer” based off of Adam Sandler’s hit comedy this week from Wed. April 25 to Sat. April 28. Each day will feature a performance at seven o’clock; however, on Sat. there will be a dinner at five o’clock as well.
Director Jeremy Morton, assistant vocal director/director Stephen Colella, vocal director Colleen Timler, choreographer Kristin Burton, band director Chris Barnum and many others were in charge of bringing the production to life.
The musical is a story about Robbie Hart (junior Steven Tworek) who lives in 1985. He is a wedding singer and his best friends Sammy (senior Adam Canonaco) and George (senior Connor Fitzgerald) perform with him.
Robbie is engaged to be married to Linda (senior Jacqueline Dunderdale), but ends up being stood up at the alter. Afterwards he soon meets waitress Julia Sullivan (sophomore Jennifer Ruda) while at one of the weddings he is performing and begins to fall for her. However here’s the twist, Julia is engaged to Glen Guglia (sophomore Josh Arshonsky).

Throughout the rest of the production, audiences will see just how crazy the love triangle can get.
Some songs in the musical include “It’s Your Wedding Day,” “Saturday Night in the City,” “Move That Thang,” and “Grow Old With You.”
Junior Cassidy Burke plays the bride in the opening scene of “the Wedding Singer” and gives tons of credit to the main roles.
“All the leads are fabulous,” Burke said. “They are all really good at investing themselves in this [the musical].”

Burke says one of the reasons she gives the main roles so much credit is because of the hours and hours spent into perfecting their characters.

    The entire theater department has been working on the production since the end of Feb. On a regular schedule, everyone would work on the show from 3-5:30 pm during the weekdays and from 8 a.m to 4 p.m on Saturdays. During tech week, the week before the show premieres, practices would go from 3 to 9 p.m.

    Burke said it wasn’t that challenging to get the musical done in such a short period of time: they just had to take some steps back in order to perfect everything. One day everyone would work on music and the next day they would focus on dancing.

    “You always have to take steps back whenever you are working on something,” Burke said. “Then you put it all back together in the end.”

    Burke said her favorite part about being in the musical was how much fun it was working on the production. She also said it is a lot of fun to perform on stage, especially because she never got to experience the 80s.

    Burke recommends that everyone come see the show.

    “I think people will be interested in it [the musical] because it’s not like Shakespeare,” Burke said. “You can have fun the whole time….it’s the 80s. Who doesn’t love the 80s?”