District 214 Art Show to display works of student artists

By Brian Park

Executive In-Depth Writer
The District 214 Spring Art Show will arrive at Forest View Educational Center on Fri. May 11 and Sat. May 12. It will feature both 2-D and 3-D artwork from all six schools in the district.
According to art teacher Barbara Shaffer, it will be the biggest art show this year.
“We try to showcase a wide range of art from students that they’ve done throughout the year,” Shaffer said.
The reception will be held on Fri. from 6-8 p.m. with cookies and food to eat. The show will also be open from 3-5 p.m. to the public. Anyone who will be going to the show will have free admission.
Held for over 50 years, the art show has been going on ever since the district was formed.
Artwork from all levels of art and photography classes will be eligible to be viewed at the show. At the show, there will be hundreds of art from Prospect alone, according to Schaffer.
“Everybody’s worked so hard, so it’s nice for them to have some recognition,” Schaffer said.
Art students tell Schaffer which artwork they would like in the show. Since this show has a lot of space compared to some of their small shows, she will try to show a wide variety of students.
“I try to get something from everybody,” Schaffer said. “I can’t, of course get something from everybody.”
Senior Vicky Rendon will have three pieces of her art at the show. She will have her art in the show for all of her high school years after this event.

“The artwork is really different from other schools,” Rendon said. “It’s really interesting to go to.”