Ace in the Hole

By Jack McDermott

Online Managing Editor

|According to Wikipedia the chances of getting a hole-in-one is approximately 12,500 to one and a commonly repeating word on the “Hole in one” page is “rare”.  Against all odds, junior Bridget Brassil, swung her 5-iron for the ace at 4:00  last tuesday, Aug. 28.

Brassil was with three other friends, Noelle Johnston, Emma Menich, and Izzy Flack, as well as her coach, James Hamann.  When Brassil first hit the shot she noticed the ball landed on the green and then started walking away.  Just landing the ball on the green would have been a good shot by itself but fate had other decisions.  As Brassil was looking for the ball her coach looked down in the hole with a surprised look on his face.
“I was shocked,” Brassil said of the event. “It was completely luck.”
The shot was made at the Buffalo Grove Golf Course during practice on a par 3 hole which is where sectionals will take place.
Normally only golfers with years of practice can come close to a hole-in-one but Brassil started golfing her freshman year because she was not playing a Summer sport.
Because aces are so rare, Brassil will be an honorary member of the hole-in-one club.  This prestigious club currently has 46 entrees, soon to be 47.
Although getting a hole-in-one is extremely rare, Brassil hopes to score another, beating her lifelong-golfing Dad’s record by two.