Girls' golf finishes second in State

By Peter Fusilero
Executive Sports Editor|
The girls varsity golf team was on the verge of protecting their state title from last year.
The girls traveled down to Hickory Point golf course this past weekend and were able bring home a second place state trophy.
Not winning the state meet makes this year’s team more determined and focused for next season.
“[Losing] definitely motivates us because we have all starting six players coming back,” junior Ally Scaccia said. “[Second place] should motivate all of us to do better next year.”
Unfortunately, round two of the state meet was cancelled due to weather conditions. By default, whichever school was in first place for the first round, won the entire meet which happened to be New Trier.
“We were all really upset that we couldn’t finish,” Scaccia said. “We felt disappointed because we didn’t have a second chance to come back.”
Despite not playing a second round, the first round of the two day state meet went very well with the lady Knight’s shooting a 317, good enough for second place on the day. They trailed New Trier who shot a 313.
Junior Noreen Caporusso led the Knights winning ninth place out of 110 golfers. She shot a 38 on the front nine and a 39 on the back. Highlights from Caporusso included a birdie on the 8th and 10th hole.
As for the other juniors, Kiley Walsh shot an 83 (40th place), Emma Menich shot an 81 (30th place), and Scaccia shot an 80 (23rd place). Both Scaccia and Menich birdied the 10th and 11th hole while Walsh birdied on the 7th and 13th.
Sophomores that participated in the state meet were Isabella Flack who shot an 84 (46th place) and Kacie O’Donnell who shot a 79 (16th place). Memorable moments from them included Flack birdying the 13th and 14th hole while O’Donnell birdied the 11th.
Even though they only received the silver medal, Scaccia believes that second place is still to be proud of.
“It’s a great accomplishment to come in second,” Scaccia said. “Not many teams can say that they’ve come first and second place in state in two years.”
Noreen Caporusso:

  • Shot a birdie; 8th hole
  • Shot a birdie on 10th hole
  • Shot 38 on front nine; shot 39 on back nine; 9th place shooting total of 77

Kacie O’Donnell

  • Shot a birdie on the 11th hole
  • Shot 40 on the front nine; shot 39 on the back nine; 16th place shooting total of 79

Ally Scaccia

  • Shot birdies on 10th, 11th and 14th hole.
  • Shot a 42 on front nine; shot a 38 on back nine; 23rd place shooting total of 80

Emma Menich

  • Shot birdies 4th, 10th and 11th hole.
  • Shot a 41 on the front nine; shot a 40 on the back nine; 30th place shooting total of 81.

Kiley Walsh

  • Shot birdies on 7th and 13th hole
  • Shot a 39 on the front nine and shot a 44 on the back nine. 40th place shooting 83

Isabella Flack

  • Shot birdies on 13th and 14th hole.
  • Shot a 45 on front nine and 39 on back nine.
  • 46th place shooting a total of 84.