Girls' golf wins state

By Peter Fusilero

Executive Sports Editor

As sophomores Kiley Walsh, Noreen Caporusso and Ally Scaccia were all a part of a state championship in 2011. It was a team that not only became the first female program to win a state championship, but would potentially go down as the best girls’ team in the Prospect history.

Fast forward to this year’s state meet: Walsh, Caporusso and Scaccia were now the leaders of the team, trying to etch their names in the history of Prospect golf…and boy did they ever.

A windy Friday and Saturday didn’t seem to blow the Lady Knights off course to winning a second state championship.

Despite being down to Loyola by four strokes after the first day, they were able to still put on a solid performance, shooting a team total of 303.

Going into day two, consistency and limiting mistakes were key factors as the Knights never looked back after hole six, finishing the entire meet with a 612, beating out Loyola by nine strokes.

Head coach Jim Hamann reflected on what his girls have done to accomplish such an achievement.

“They’ve worked extremely hard,” Hamann said. “It’s amazing. They have truly done something special for themselves, the golf program and what they’ve contributed to Prospect.”

Leading the team were seniors Kiley Walsh (150, fifth place), Ally Scaccia (151, seventh place) and Noreen Caporusso (152, eighth place) while senior Emma Menich shot a 165 and juniors Kacie O’Donell and Isabella Flack shot a 161 and 169.

Some key highlights from the second day included birdies on hole four from both Caporusso and O’Donnell. Scaccia putted a long one in for birdie on the eighth while Menich had one on the twelfth hole.

Another impressive stat was Walsh’s performance on Friday, making par on all holes and not double-bogeying once the entire meet.

“[Not double bogeying] was really a huge thing because it can really set you back,” Walsh said. “And [shooting par or better] on every single hole was something I’ve never done. The key to this weekend was just solid golf.”

After everything was said and done, tears immediately began pouring out, and hugs were passed all around.

“I’m speechless,” Scaccia said. “This is just incredible. I love the girls on the team, and I wouldn’t ask for anyone else.”

Hamann has seen his team grow over the years and couldn’t be happier for them, especially the seniors.

“They can’t be more supportive of each other, they can’t be more positive and they can’t work harder than they already do,” Hamann said. “They do everything right; I’m just so proud of them.”

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