A successful season for girls’ water polo

photoBy Jack McDermott
Online Editor-in-Chief 

Varsity water polo travelled to Glenbrook South last night, Thursday, for a 7 p.m. game against New Trier.  Prospect put forth its best effort but in the end, New Trier’s physicality and size proved too much for the Knights, with a final score of 10-1.

“That New Trier team has been consistently ranked in the top ten for the past 10 years and I feel really grateful that we wrapped up the year against such a strong team,” head coach Natalie Rasor said.  “I believe we left on a high note despite the score.”

The difference in size between the team was clearly evident so physicality on New Trier’s side played a large part in the score.  However, Rasor feels like Prospect countered New Trier’s size with a “heads-up” attitude.

Although the last game ended in a loss for the Knights, the season still was a great step for the team according to the coaches and players.

“We were just overall better as a team and we connected more and I feel like we were more determined going into each and every game,” said sophomore goalie Lauren Broz.

The team finished second in the East while only having two seniors.  The team also had a winning record this year of 14-10, while they didn’t have one last year.

To do even better next year, the water polo team is planning on hitting the offseason hard by working hard in offseason practices and by making sure that everyone is at the practices.  Also, many players are planning  on joining clubs like Northern Illinois Polo Club (NIPC) or District Unified Water Polo (DUWP).

“Given the brevity of the season and the fact that we get such little pool time compared to other teams it is really important that we hammer the offseason out hard,” Rasor said.