Boys' golf on a role: hole-in-one and regional win

BzYVAQ5CIAEcurUBy Lauren Miller
Online Associate Editor-in-Chief 
Sophomore Robert Garmoe didn’t know how successful he would be on the par three, eighty-five yard hole Tuesday, Oct. 7 at Chevy Chase Golf Course in Wheeling. There was a slight breeze running from the left to the right as he stepped up to the sixth hole. Garmoe knew he needed to use his sand wedge on this hole. But what Garmoe lacked to know was just how well he would shoot this hole. He shot the it perfectly with a hole-in-one.
What might be even more shocking than actually shooting a hole-in-one, was Garmoe’s nonchalant reaction to it. Being modest, he only referred to the incident as “really cool,” and anything else regarding it was projected back onto the team’s goals and unity as a whole.
“[The hole in one] gives the team a lot of confidence going forward, and I’m glad I could do that for them.” Garmoe said.
While Garmoe may not revel in his own success, others are definitely impressed by him.
“That’s one outstanding performance and by a sophomore to shoot three under par in a regional to win the regional,” head coach Tom Martindale said. “He also won the conference tournament. Back to Back. Wow. Impressive. Great kid, he’s a great kid.”
Not only was Garmoe’s performance notable, but the whole boys’ golf program as well. The team won both conference and regionals.
“I was excited to keep the season going, instead of ending it that day, because you never know what could happen,” senior Grant Gavin said.
Their accomplishments have come from a lot of hard work and drills. One which Martindale has found to be quite successful is what he calls “pods.” The boys get broken up into groups of four; they rotate between putting, chipping and the range every thirty minutes.
“There’s nothing better than watching somebody who has put all this time in and watching achievements happen (for them), that’s a neat moment for a coach to watch,” Martindale said.
The boys hope to give Martindale more “neat moments” as they head into sectionals on Monday. Though having won both tournaments, the team is trying to keep a level head heading into sectionals.
“Our mentality is lets just worry about us and focus on us. Just give it the best we can, but not worry about this team or that kid. Control what you can control, because you can’t control a lot of things.” Martindale said.
Garmoe and Gavin both agree with Martindale, and add that a positive mindset is also key to a successful performance at sectionals.
“Our usual mentality, what we try to focus on is to just do the best we can and focus each shot,” Gavin said. “And if we did the best we could, then it doesn’t really matter what anyone else does.”