Prospect's got more than 80 clubs and boredom ain't one


By Mike Stanfordcd81a6ac7d28ec7ba86dac7cc786c118
Executive News Editor
As the summer comes to a close, Prospect has the cure for the summertime blues.  It offers 80 different clubs and activities to engage students outside of the classroom. Joining extracurriculars is a great way to expand horizons, meet new people and make the year more enjoyable.  They will also help start the year off on the right foot. Prospect offers a vast array of clubs that address even the most unique student interests.  Activities range in topic from Ultimate Frisbee to Zoology.
Below is a list of each extracurricular activity offered by the school along with the sponsor or coach.  Contact that person for more information on how to get involved.
Competitive Academic Activities
Academic Bowl — Mr. Bianchi/ Mr. Schnell
Chess Team — Mr. Barrett
Debate — Mr. Schnell
DECA — Mrs. Fortuna/Mr. Hennig
Math Team — Mr. Grasse
Speech/Acting Team — Mr. Morton
Science Olympiad — Ms. Brej
Boys’ Athletics — Fall
Cross Country — Mr. Stokes
Football — Mr. Sebestyen
Golf — Mr. Martindale
Soccer — Mr. Cohen
Boys’ Athletics — Winter
Basketball — Mr. Camardella
Gymnastics — Mr. Smith
Swimming — Mr. Lopez
Wrestling — Mr. Whalen
Boys’ Athletics — Spring
Baseball — Mr. Giusti
Tennis — Mr. Kujawa
Track — Mr. Mirandola
Volleyball — Mr. Riedy
Waterpolo — Mr. Gentry
Girls’ Athletics — Fall
Cheerleaders — Ms. Gronski
Cross Country — Mr. Wintermute
Golf —Mr. Hamann
Tennis — Mr. McColaugh
Volleyball — Ms. Lovin
Swimming — Mr. Lopez
Girls’ Athletics — Winter
Cheerleaders — Ms. Gronski
Basketball — Ms. Sandstead-Graham
Bowling — Mr. Troyer
Girls’ Athletics — Spring
Badminton — Ms. Rezny
Gymnastics — Mr. Smith
Soccer — Mr. Froats
Softball — Mr. Adair
Track — Mr. Wintermute
Waterpolo — Ms. Rasor
Fine Arts Activities
Art Club — TBD
Band Auxiliary/Color Guard — Mr. Barnum
Marching Band — Mr. Barnum
Chamber Choir — Mrs. Troiano
Madrigal Singers, Vocal Jazz — Mrs. Troiano
Concert Choir, One Stop — Mrs. Troiano
Company — Mr. Shellard
Dance — Mrs. Burton
Guitar Club — Dr. J. Kyp-Johnson/Mr. Taylor
Tech Crew — Mr. Erbach
Theater Angels — Mr. Morton
Student Government Activities
Class of ‘15 — Mrs. Myers
Class of ‘16 — Mrs. Collins
Class of ‘17 — Mrs. Fonsino
Class of ‘18 — Mr. Hammerstrom
Principal Advisory Committee — Mrs. Dowling
Roundtable — Mr. Andrews
Student Council — Ms. Scolaro
Non-IHSA Sports
Bass Fishing Club — Mr. Schaap
Cricket Club — Mr. Karcher
Intramural Bowling — Mr. Troyer
Ultimate Frisbee Club — Mr. Camardella
Foreign Language Clubs
Italian Club — Ms. Scolaro
French Club — Ms. Wilkens
Spanish Club — Mr. Schultz
Science Clubs
Environmental Club — Ms. David
Robotics — Mr. Schaap/Mr. Fonsino
Zoo Club — Mr. DelBoccio/Ms. Genitoni
School Spirit Activities
Peppers “Pep Club” — Mrs. Fonsino
The Underground Spirit Club — Mr. Sebestyen/Mr. Mirandola
Additional Activities
Book Bites — Mrs. Sylvester
Ebony Club — Mr. Meyers
Family, Career, Community Leaders of America  — Mrs. Collins/Ms. Curtin
GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) — Ms. Roth
International Club — Ms. Carroll
JAMM (Anime Club) — Ms. Kruse
Knights Under No Influence — Mrs. Stoltz
Knights’ Way — Mrs. Fortuna/Dr. Kyp-Johnson
LINK (Leading Incoming Knights) — TBD
National Honor Society — Dr. Thornton
O.R.E.O. — Mr. Froats
Service Club — Ms. Tantillo
Student Athletic Training Aides — Mr. Marnstein
Student Exchange — Ms. Carroll
Young Life — Mr. Taylor