Solar panels gain popularity, promote green energy

By Jack Gabriel
News Editor Attachment-1
Green energy is becoming more and more important in today’s society. Green energy is seen in windmills, hydropower, and solar panels just to name a few. In order to become more energy efficient and teach students about solar energy, Prospect added another solar panel.
In 2011, Prospect installed 7 solar panels capable of producing 1.5 kilowatts an hour in perfect conditions. On average, the panels combined to produce 6 kilowatts a day, which is enough to light 360 light bulbs.
According to Greg Minter, the associate principal, the solar panels were placed on the roof above the foyer, but they had to be taken down due to warranty issues.
“The solar panels were not only for producing energy,” Minter said. “They were more of an experimental thing for kids to see how they worked.”
The solar panels have been used to teach students about how solar energy works, and analyzing how much energy the solar panels produce depending on the weather conditions.
Now, through another grant by environmental club sponsor Mollie David, Prospect has gotten an additional solar panel for educational purposes. Hopefully though, this means that Prospect is making process in getting these solar panels installed again.
“Every time we talk about getting [the solar panels] put up, it’s difficult because the district doesn’t want to break the warranty,” Minter said. “But we stay optimistic that they will get put back up.”