Fit for all

By Karolina Chwala
Being active is very important for students, according Fit Club sponsors and dance teachers Carrie Stevens and Kristin Burlinski. Although there are many students who participate in sports and get in their workouts that way, there are also many others who don’t during a certain season or even at all. Prospect’s new Fit Club is just the solution to that problem.
The idea for Fit Club started to come up near the end of last year as both Stevens and Burlinski had students in their classes who wanted to work out but were “clueless how to go about it”.
The club meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 3 to 5 pm every week in room 161, and then either has activities in the fitness center, the dance room or in the gyms.
Students will not only be able to exercise, but they will be able to learn guidelines and gain knowledge about exercise and wellness, as well as receive support and have others to work out with for motivation. Guest speakers will also attend meetings and teach about topics such as nutrition.
“Our goal is to motivate [the students] to lead a healthy lifestyle,” Stevens said.
“We give them a good base to start off at so when they are on their own the other days during the weeks [when there are no Fit Club meetings] they know what to do on their own,” Burlinski added.
The club held an informational meeting, and drew in 44 students, and even more came for the first meeting held on Monday, November 30. Both Stevens and Burlinski were surprised at the large response, and believe that over time more and more students will be coming in also.
Burlinski hopes that their will be a bright future for the club, and that students start seeing results as their workouts payoff.
“We’d like to see more students get involved, even get teachers involved too,” Burlinski said.
If you have any questions about Fit Club please email them to [email protected]
Fit club will also be sending out daily nutrition facts to participants