Girls' tennis regroups, wins after rain


Senior Janeta Yancheva returns a serve. (Photo by Michael Dziadus)

Senior Janeta Yancheva returns a serve. (Photo by Michael Dziadus)
Senior Janeta Yancheva returns a serve. (Photo by Michael Dziadus)

By Devin Prasad (@the_d_prasad)
The girls’ tennis team improved their overall dual meet record to 8-1 and conference record to 2-0 after a win against Rolling Meadows on Sept. 22. The win brought their team closer to their overall goal of winning the east, but it did not come easy.
The match was scheduled to be played to be played on Sept. 17 but was rained out. Before the rain, Meadows was leading the match 4-1. According to head coach Mike McColaugh, the delay gave the team a chance to regain their confidence after their start against Meadows. Senior Janeta Yancheva viewed the game as a clean slate. She knew coming in that the game would not start at 0-0 but if she battled each point she felt she would be able to come back, which she did winning in three sets.
They got an opportunity to compete against Hersey on Sept. 21 and McColaugh feels it was a big win in which every girl contributed, especially the doubles players who all won. The win also gave them momentum going into the Meadows match McColaugh believes.
The win against Meadows gave McColaugh insight into the fact that everyone on the team could be counted on.
“We want to be able to count on everybody to win a big match for us,” McColaugh said. “I think that the girls believe that a little bit more after this week.
Yancheva feels that what can be learned is that it is never too late for a comeback.
“It’s a big mental game,” Yancheva said. “So, if you have the right mental state, you can come back.”
McColaugh was sure to let not the wins get to his head. He feels there is a lot of work left to be done before the end of the season when the schedule gets even harder against teams like Buffalo Grove. Specifically, he is hoping to improve upon strategy in doubles games. Yancheva feels that the team can continue to become more aggressive.
While there are still things to improve, McColaugh sees the game as a building block toward the goal of an east title.
“We feel like we’re getting there,” McColaugh said. “We feel like we’re getting better.”