Tennis remains united after loss, looks ahead to tournament


Sophomore Anna Cooper returns a serve Tuesday, Sept. 29. Cooper was the lone winner against Buffalo Grove.

By Caley Griebenow
In a particularly tough match, junior Katy Meredith (second doubles) ran back and forth between the corners of the court, hitting the tennis ball back to her Buffalo Grove opponents. Finally her partner, junior Katie Cooper, finished the point with a volley hit.
While it was a hard fought game according to Meredith, they lost the match 1-6 2-6, and overall the team lost 6-1 on Tuesday, Sept. 29
Coach Mike McColaugh acknowledges that Buffalo Grove had some skilled players that competed well in tough weather conditions, but he wants his team as a whole to learn something from this loss.
“It gives us a chance to experience a little bit of adversity,” McColaugh said. “We’ll see, as the saying goes, what we’re made of. This should just motivate us to keep improving.”
The sole winner was sophomore Anna Cooper (third singles), Katie’s sister, who won her matches 6-2 and 6-2. She credits her wins to being able to return her opponent’s weaker shots. However, Anna states it did not feel like a win to her.
“[Tennis] is a team sport, so it didn’t feel like I won because my team lost,” Anna said. “I love my teammates and I know some of them went through a tough match so it was difficult.”
Anna and the rest of the team are looking forward to their meet against Elk Grove on Thursday, because if they win they will be divisional runner ups.
Farther down the line is the conference tournament in two weeks, and while no numerical goals are set, McColaugh hopes the team will rebound and be ready for competition.
“Our goal is to be able to beat some teams that beat us during the season,” he said.