'Wonder Woman' exceeds expectations


By Kate Hyland, executive online editor 
While watching Wonder Woman break through walls using her shield, and deflecting bullets off her bracelets, the words hardcore, fearless, and awesome kept running through my mind.
Director Patty Jenkins hit a homerun due to telling an inspiring story, while still staying true to the original comic books. The movie goes into how Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot) is training on Themyscira (Wonder Woman’s home). She discovers some of her power and runs off. While she is looking over a cliff, she notices an airplane crashing into the water. Without hesitating, she jumps into the water to save the man in the plane, who happens to be the love interest Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine. She then finds out Steve Trevor is a soldier fighting in WWI, and Diana goes with him to try and stop the war.
What makes the cliff scene so cool is majority of it is filmed using cgi (computer-generated imagery). While it looks like Diana (Wonder Woman) is jumping over a cliff, most of the scene was shot in a field, and they used a quick transition to fool the audience into thinking she was really jumping into the water. However, that’s not the only time cgi was used in the movie. Gadot was 5 months pregnant while filming, so she wore a green screen around her for most of the time.
Being pregnant while filming proves Gadot played the perfect Wonder Woman, with just the right balance of kindness, and intensity. Not only that, but she had great chemistry with Pine. He plays a different character than he has in other movies. He isn’t the hero of the story, but he still plays a big role and does a great job.
The plot of the movie takes place during WWI, the same as the television show  with Lynda Carter, which aired in the 70s. Fans of the old comics and tv shows of Wonder Woman will not be disappointed. She still has the bulletproof bracelets, she still has the shield, and she still has the Lasso of Truth.
The movie is for all audiences, if you want to see action, romance, beautiful cinematography, or butt-kicking, it’s all there.