New student IDs increase security


By Ryan Kupperman, executive news editor 
Student Identifications (IDs) for the 2017-2018 school year have been redesigned, now lacking the navy and columbia blue of a Prospect Knight.
According to Dean Mark Taylor, the new ID color scheme has a stoplight configuration and is based on whether a student has a closed or open campus. Students with a red ID have a closed campus, preventing them from leaving school grounds during school hours. Students with green IDs have an open campus, which permits them to leave school grounds during their lunch periods or study halls. All freshman have red IDs, along with a few sophomores and juniors. The rest of the student body has green IDs.
Taylor says that he originally wanted to put students’ schedule information on their IDs, such as lunch periods and when a student starts and ends their day. However, the photo and ID company the school hired to create them, Lifetouch, couldn’t manage the amount of information. The current IDs were derived to help the security staff stop students from sneaking off campus when they are not supposed to.
Taylor also acknowledges that this is the first year student IDs are not Prospect colors, which he knows will be unpopular with the students.
Senior Zach Burke and Sophomore Olivia Holowinski both believe it is pointless to have non school colors on the school IDs. They also dislike the formatting and layout of the ID, as there is some text cut off and a green filter over the student photo.
According to Taylor, the school will keep switching colors, not just red and green, to signify closed and open campuses for future years, until they workout how to put students’ schedule information on their ID.