Girls’ Bowling prepares for upcoming season


By Wyatt Dojutrek, executive online sports editor
The varsity bowling team is in its third season under head coach Ashley Ruszczak. Here is what she had to say about the upcoming season.
1 Q: What are some of the team’s goals this season?
  A: Definitely some of our goals is continue from where we left off and grow, learn more about how to play the lanes more. Last year we were a younger team, and it was more about learning the basics. So I’m really excited about their development.
2 Q: What is going to be the biggest key in improving from last season?
  A: I think that the biggest key for us to improve on from last year would be just going ahead and being focused and putting the work when we can with the time we have. Because the time we have is very minimal.
3 Q: Who are going to be the team’s leaders this season?
     A: The team leaders for us are definitely Elise Heinze and Allison Buck, this is going to be their fourth season on the team. We also have two other really good senior leaders, Amanda Bieszk and Nicole Brzys. They started to learn a lot more about the team, and how to work in a leadership position last season, so they are really good leaders for us even in their second season.
4 Q: At the end of the season, where do you see this team going?
  A: At the end of the season, I think we can possibly be about at the middle of the pack at regionals, and maybe head out to sectionals. As a team, but a lot of these girls are going to only be in their second year, so if we can contend for one of those final spots for sectionals, that would be fantastic.
5 Q: What is the potential for the program in the future?
  A: I think we have great potential. They have definitely grown from last season, and I expect that growth to continue, and then some of the newer girls, I see an immense potential to start off the season.