Girls Bowling strikes again!

Girls’ Bowling strikes again!

The Prospect girls’ bowling team has put up an impressive record recently, going 8-1 in the 2022-23 season, with 7 of those wins being shutout victories; they won an IHSA Regional title in 2021-22, along with an MSL Conference title this past year. Their accomplishments broke a dry spell for their squad that lasted from 2015-2021, during which they did not win any postseason games. With their recent success, the team has developed more positivity than there previously was. Heading into the 2023-24 season, senior Posi Sulaimon has high hopes on this year’s team.

“From what I’ve seen so far, the confidence that I have within this team this year is immense, and I think we will go far because it is made up of so many hardworking and passionate individuals who care about the sport,” Sulaimon said.

Along with their prior accomplishments, the bowling team has also seen a rise in student interest; Sulaimon has first-hand experience of the growth taking place.

“This year, though, there will be more members sitting out than before, and it really brings up healthy competition between teammates because you’re essentially battling for your spot at every meet and no one is comfortable,” Sulaimon said.

Considering the growth of this year’s team, going from 15 members last year to 19 this year, the players are not the only ones with a lot of confidence in the team. Head coach Ashley Mahanna, sister of senior and 2022-23 Conference Meet Winner, Katie Ruszczak, said she’s found satisfaction in coaching her players.

“I have enjoyed coaching this team immensely,” Mahanna said. “We have a great group of athletes who are all committed to learning and growing together. When you have a group like that, it really makes it enjoyable as a coach to come to practice every day.” 

One player in particular appreciates her coach. Ruszczak attests that her sister is a great coach for these bowlers, especially with how she goes about connecting with them. Really, one of the reasons that there is such a connection between Mahanna and her players is because of her being the sister of a star player. Following suit with Ruszczak, Sulaimon has strong beliefs in the coaches and her team.

“I am not worried about the success of the people on the team because we have great coaches who help people, especially most who haven’t bowled, become great bowlers,” Sulaimon said. 

Not only have the positivity and confidence reached a very high point, the chemistry has as well with team-building activities like blindfolded teammate obstacle courses. 

“The connections that have begun to be built from having bowling “siblings” (upperclassmen mentoring underclassmen) and the team-building activities have started to mold this team together; I think a great legacy is waiting to be left behind,” Sulaimon said.

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