Choir sings at "the most magical place on earth"


By Megan Sulak, staff writer
 Sending in a video of the Prospect choir performing a song during the spring of 2016 was the first step Choir teacher Jen Troiano had to complete in order for the choir to be considered a spot at Disney to perform for many Disney-goers to watch.
       Leaving on December 26, 2017, 63 representatives of the choir flew out with Hersey High School to spend five days at “the most magical place on Earth” and Universal Studios.
      The choir took part in many activities as well, such as a workshop called Disney Sings, learning about what it’s like to be a Disney performer, voice overs and animation with Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” They also performed at America Gardens Theatre at Epcot on the 27th with professional singer and actress Jaci Velasquez, a professional orchestra, Hersey High School and a Florida school that was also granted this opportunity.
       The choirs sang The Candlelight Processional, which is a Disney 50 minute piece full of a variety of Christmas songs, from the traditional “Joy to the World” to “Silent Night” in German and “Il Est Né,” a French Christmas song, to tell the story of the birth of Jesus. Junior Cora Vincent favorite song to sing was “Joy to the World” because “it was fun to sing.”
       “The overall experience was amazing,” Vincent said.
       Practicing since the beginning of the school year, juniors Maggie Haseley and Vincent were two of the many students that participated in the trip. Throughout the entire experience, they both felt that this Disney trip was overall a very positive experience.
       “It was so much fun,” Haseley said. “It was really cool to go on a little vacation with your friends … [It was also fun] performing at Disney. … It was just a wonderful opportunity.”