Spring Dance Show 2019


By Madison Manczko, opinion editor
Prospect dance classes hosted their spring semester dance show in the theater at 7pm on Tuesday, May 21. The show was orchestrated by first-year dance teacher and Orchesis director Melanie Monnich, who described the show as a “great success.”
Students spent over half the semester choreographing their dances. There were roughly three groups per class period, and they worked hard cleaning, perfecting, and performing their dances almost every day in class.
This semester’s show was centered around the theme ‘Divas’ and features songs by famous female pop singers including Fergie, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and Christina Aguilera. The show also began and ended with an opening and closing performance with all the classes.
The show opened with “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston, and closed with “On The Floor” by Jennifer Lopez.  
“Recently females have been dominating pop music,” said Monnich. “There were a lot of options.”
When the theme was first revealed to the dance classes it was met with an increased amount of excitement and positivity, as students were eager to share their personalities through the songs.
The ‘Divas’ theme was generally better received than last semester’s theme, ‘Songs From Movies.’
“I feel like [this semester’s] theme was more fun,” said junior Nikolina Nava, whose group choreographed a dance to “Ain’t No Other Man” by Christina Aguilera. “It gave us more of a chance to be sassy and confident.”