Girls' tennis ready for conference

Meghan Doyle
Staff Writer
In the wake of a great season, with a team of girls who “all deserved to be there,” the varsiy Prospect girls tennis team is preparing mentally and physically to face the competition at their conference tournament, being held at Hoffman Estates this weekend.      

Coach Karie McClure is confident that the team will do well in the tournament, hopefully capturing third or fourth place out of the twelve teams that will be competing.


“I think we should finish very strong [in conference],” said McClure.


In order to put Prospect’s best racquet forward at the tournament, Coach McClure has selected eleven out of the fourteen varsity players to attend the match. 


The girls chosen will play one round after school on both Thursday and Friday, and continue their quest to win on Saturday.    

Among the ladies chosen to represent Prospect at the conference tournament is senior Mary Clare Rosemeyer.  Rosemeyer finished this season with an impressive 8-0 record.


 Even with a record like that, Rosemeyer still said that tennis is more mental than skill.


“Losing matches here and there gives you motivation to win the ones that matter,” Rosemeyer said. 

Rosemeyer is not the only one with motivation this weekend.  She said that everyone who is going is serious about playing, and thinks “we’re going to do really well.”
Rosemeyer said Prospect will make the top two or three teams for sure, however, she isn’t afraid to dream big.
“[Winning would] mean so much,” said Rosemeyer.
This tournament means a lot to the team, as well as to Rosemeyer, even still, Rosemeyer is also nervous to go to conference. 
Of the twelve teams in the tournament, Rosemeyer said Prospect has already played eight of them, but it’s the other four that concern her.
“Schools we’ve played I feel pretty good about,” Rosemeyer said, “but you never know.”