Acting their way to first place

By Jenny Johnson
Staff Writer
Speech Team had their first competition Nov. 13 at Prospect High School. They won first place overall with the score of 670, the next highest score of 347 going to Fremd.
“Success is what you do when you practice and rehearse to get your script perfect,” speech team coach Jeremy Morton said.
For Speech Team, students request a category to go into, but in the end Speech Team coaches decide where they go and who they are with. This is new to the team on how they run.
“When [McDermott] puts us in a category, you listen and do what is told. He is a great coach.” said Maddy Maloney, first place winner of Humorous Duet Acting.
Maloney did her duet with Scott Hammerley and was very proud in both their work. Their script was about Maloney picking up Hammerley from jail for streaking in the mall.
Since they got first place, Maloney and Hammerley moved up to Varsity. The next competition for them is this Saturday at Hoffman Estates.
Hannah Wendling and Ivy Fishman won Dramatc Duet Acting doing a script from “Proof.” IN their script, their father passed away and Fishman’s character has mental problems. They will be doing the same script but as the competitions go on, they will get harder on judging.
“Since it was our first time, we did mess up and only thought the highest we would get was third.” said Wendling.
Speec team As few of the wins came from duets, junior Jacqueline Dunderdale won for Dramatic Interpretation. Dramatic Interpretation is a part of a play, novel, or short story were a person acts out a dramatic scene. Her script was informing people about volunteer work but she keeps having flashbacks. For this win she is proudly on the Varsity team also.
“It’s my first year doing it and I was really excited when winning!” Dunderdale said.
Speech team has many competitions and they are free to the public. So come and support your classmates!