Travel guide for those who stay inside

Staying in the midwest during spring break is not a barrier to adventure. Especially if you can travel to any of these fictional destinations.
Staying in the midwest during spring break is not a barrier to adventure. Especially if you can travel to any of these fictional destinations.

By Whitney Kiepura
Executive Opinion Editor
As some students jet across the U.S. to tropical getaways or snowy ski slopes, the majority of teenagers will be left at home with the somewhat dreary Chicago weather forecast during that third week in March. However, for those who love the comforts of home, here’s a list of the top 8 places to go over spring break. Just in case you want to make any last-minute flight arrangements.

8. Atlantis

Weather conditions: wet

This fishy town is an ideal location for anyone who looks for an adventure off the beaten path. Sure, you might run into the local pests -think Kraken from Pirates of the Caribbean- but this city has more history than any town in Europe! This nation, first described by Plato, conquered most of its surrounding neighbors. When the Athenians finally defeated Atlantis, the people and their city sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Regardless of a little flooding, this city is for anyone who dares to get their feet wet and have a chance to really sleep with the fishes.

7. Narnia

Weather conditions: sometimes rainy, occasionally foggy

This magical land is for all the past pet-lovers who wished their fuzz muffins could just tell what they wanted! Narnia is a fantastic otherworld with only a few ways to enter. You might have to find a magical wardrobe, but once you do, you’ll be transported to a world of forests, old-school monarchies and sweeping landscapes. Warm welcomes from the natives are just one of perks of traveling through this land. Just stay away from the Ice Queen; she makes the “Snownami” of 2011 look like a flurry.

6. Hogwarts

Weather conditions: damp and overcast

Some would argue that the whole point of spring break is to get away from school. But by visiting this magical English boarding school, wishes to be at an all-inclusive resort will fly out the window. This ancient castle, full of shifting staircases, is decorated with a myriad of paintings, many of which are open for conversation. The students who stay at school during this week off will be running around the grounds, looking for a final clue before another showdown with the Dark Lord. But don’t worry; the chaos doesn’t start until June.

5. Pride Rock

Weather Conditions: warm and sunny

Visiting this animal kingdom will open eyes to wonders not found in Midwestern neighborhoods. Spend a day with the king of the jungle or either of his less carnivorous friends as they saunter across the newly reclaimed Pride Lands. In the African grasslands, you can spend your day lounging with the lions, rampaging through the elephant graveyard or even falling in love with the jungle’s butterflies and waterfalls.

4. Bikini Bottom

Weather Conditions: wet, but tropical

Have you ever seen a pineapple under the sea? By taking a trip to this underwater city, you can finally try the locally acclaimed Krabby Patty or even have a campfire. While being underwater. After escaping with a stolen balloon and a candy bar. That is a true adventure.

3. Gotham

Weather Conditions: soggy, foggy and probably chilly

With the rampant crime and corrupt legal system, this city is only for the street-smart. With a constant cast of gray scenery, the only shining beacon of hope is a spotlight against the eternally lingering clouds. Batman sightings are few and far between. However, the citizens seem welcoming enough to travelers. But the best part? No culture shock. Because this city is only a half-hour drive away.

2. Chewandswallow

Weather Conditions: Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Not sure what to have for lunch? Stick your glass out the window when the afternoon shower of orange juice rains down. For breakfast, just go outside; overnight there was a small dusting of sausage links on the lawn. At 3 p.m., the forecast is calling for a downpour of sundaes with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. And to think, your alternative was driving to Chipotle for another chicken burrito.

1. Wonderland

Weather Conditions: Cool, breezy but sunny

In a world of talking flowers and smoking caterpillars, the only limit to adventure is the imagination. Every new forest glen holds a new cast of characters, ranging from the omnipresent tour guide, the Cheshire Cat, to the raving Mad Hatter. These locals know their way around a high tea ceremony as much as a student knows a football game. One word of caution: Be careful if entering a garden of red roses, especially if you value your head.