Survey on District 57 budget cuts released

By Maddy Maloney
Staff Writer
The District 57 budget cuts hit close to home for senior Maddie Loeffler, who had not only participated in the district’s music program but her mother also teaches music classes in the district. Loeffler sat awaiting the results of the District 57 survey sent around in January regarding the districts budget cuts on Thursday March 3 with optimism.
“I don’t think people on the [district] board want music to be gone but its not their choice,” Loeffler said.
District 57 has been facing major deficits of between $1.2-1.5 million. District Board members have been looking towards reducing spending through cutting the performing arts programs such as gifted programs, band, orchestra and choir.
The results of the survey found that most people wanted to keep the districts performing arts program and solve the deficits with an alternative option such as a tax referendum increase of student fees for club and sports.
“I think it is imperative to do whatever we can to continue offering the world-class education currently provided to District 214 students.” Superintendent Dr. David Schuler said.  “That doesn’t mean we can’t look for efficiencies or different, more creative ways to do things, but we need to protect the opportunities our students currently have wherever and whenever possible.”