Divorce not all that bad

By Kevin Mallin
Entertainment Editor
Roughly 50 percent.  That’s the divorce rate in America.  Flip a coin to see if “til death do us part” will apply to you.

I’m no stranger to this stat.  Since about I was seven years old, I’ve been what they call a “child of divorce.”  I’ve always thought the term a bit melodramatic.  In fact, I think people treat divorce itself too seriously.

Eleven years ago, having divorced parents wasn’t the “cool thing to do”, and adults would treat me differently.  Teachers especially.  If I had a buck for every time I’ve heard “Is everything all right at home?”, I’d probably be able to fill up my car.
The way my friends’ parents talked to me, you would have thought I’d just told them my dog died or I deleted my Pokemon save file.
Despite everyone’s assumptions, I wasn’t all that torn up about it.  Thanks to their cooperative explaining, I understood that it was my parents’ business, and, even though it affected me, mostly in a positive way, I knew it wasn’t my fault.
If a 7-year-old could be a “divorce survivor”, then I really don’t see any reason why kids should get upset over their parents breaking up.
People are fallible.  Nothing is perfect.  Parents are no exception.  It’s a lesson that everyone has to learn at some point in life.
Unless they’ve done some sort of catastrophic evil, no divorce is the fault of the children.Relationships have ups and downs, and sometimes they end.
It may be frustrating having to flip-flop between houses, or not see a parent for two weeks at a time, but life goes on.  If you’re struggling with something related to a recent divorce, talk to your parents.  They’re the experts on it any way.