Youtube sensation

By Allie Fleming
When senior Mark Willms is suppose to be listening to his teacher’s lecture in class he can’t help that his mind is wandering for creative ideas for his and senior Chris Young’s next YouTube videos.  
 “All I think about is another creative idea, new ways to edit, or cool video shots,” said Wilms.  
Early in their high school career, Willms and Young were bored and started fiddling around with a camera and the Internet to create their first video.  From then on their YouTube career had When been created.  

Their YouTube channel is called young-younger and has been up and running since Jun. 18 2009, with over 30 videos and 10,447 views.  When coming up with ideas for their videos their main goal is comedies, and parodying rap songs and television shows. Young explained that by having a YouTube channel he is able to see how many views each video is getting, which in their case one video has more than half a million views.
However, Willms plans to extend on this hobby of his.  By creating this YouTube channel he is testing himself because he wants to go to college for film and video.  This YouTube channel not only allows him to practice his future career, but it also gives him and his friends a good laugh.
Even though Willms explained that homework comes first, some videos can take up to 10 hours to fully create.
Young explained that they can crank out a video in one day if they work really hard.  When creating a video many aspects are put into the final product such as, creating the ideas, filming, and editing. 
The ideas of their videos come from other YouTube videos, and television.  Young explained that one of them get an idea and bounce it back and fourth between each other until a better idea is formed.  
Young’s favorite part of the whole video making process is messing around in front of the camera.  Willms also enjoys the rapping part of the gig.  
“It’s really funny because I am the least likely kid to rap,” said Willms.