Doubles 'click' for badminton

By Miranda Holloway
Sports Editor
This past weekend the the badminton team finished eight out of ten teams at the Hindsdale South Invitational.
A key performance came from the doubles team of junior Shea Gallus and freshman Noreen Caporusso. The pair place in fourth out of 16 teams who are considered to be the best in the state.
“We beat a couple of the teams that had people that went to state last year so Rezney thinks that we have a good chance of making it [to state] if we have a good sectional,” Gallus said.
This is the first season that Gallus and Caporusso have been teammates; however, Gallus also qualified for state last year with then senior Karly Grouwinkel.
“She went right into it as a freshman and she has caught on pretty fast,” Gallus said. “I had known her before, but not well. But she is one of the girls that I know on the team that is good at playing doubles.”
“It takes a while for you to understand how your doubles partner works on the court,” Rezny said. “The double teams are finally clicking and I think that has been the biggest improvement.”
Part of what it means to have two partners “click” is that the partners get along and communicate well together and know how each other plays.
“Obviously you can’t always be watching your partner. You have to trust that they are going to get it,” Gallus said. “We are really good at talking to each other and knowing what each other is doing with out seeing anything.”
To get to state however, both the Gallus- Caporusso pair and the team as a whole will have to give a strong showing at sectionals later in the season, and conference which is comming up this weekend.
Going into conference the one thing Gallus think that both she and the team should work on is keeping a level head in competition and staying consistent.
“I know that me and my partner have our ups and downs… A lot of people get wrapped up in the game, I know I do, and get upset when they loose,” Gallus said.