Spanish Club returns bigger and better

By Miranda Holloway
Executive Online Editor
Ultimate Frisbee, Knights Way, and Service Club are known to be some of the most popular and largest clubs in the school, but another club over takes them all. Every student taking Spanish at Prospect, about 880 students in all, are automatically members of Spanish Club.
According to Spanish Club adviser Ryan Schultz, many of the activities that Spanish Club sponsored last year will be back again this year, including the trip to Walmart in December to help underprivileged children shop for Christmas gifts. But students need not expect all the same events this year. Two big, new changes are happening this year.
First, the responsibility of t- shirt designs will be lifted from the teachers and given to the students. Every Spanish Club member that wants to take a shot at designing this year’s shirt will have the chance to do so.
Another opportunity, open to students in Spanish levels three, four and AP, is the chance to go to Minnesota for an immersion trip. There are 30 spots open on the trip that will take place November 10 to 13. As an opportunity to improve their skills, students will be required to speak only spanish all weekend and will be focusing on cultural aspects during the spanish classes.
“They live in a dorm atmosphere and they will go around to different stations [to learn] different cultural things about different countries. It’s more about culture than anything else,” Schultz said.
Spanish Club will have their first meeting on September 20.