Math gets around

By Matt Bajkowski
Sports Editor
Most students wish they could leave their school during the day.  Of course, this is a dream that is almost never realized in reality.  Math teacher Zach Eccles gets to realized this dream everyday though.
Eccles is new of the new staff members filling the hallways of Prospect this school year, but he doesn’t stay at Prospect for very long.  Eccles spends the first two periods teaching math courses and then uses third period to travel to Buffalo Grove high school where he spends the rest of his day.
Eccles says the travel is “hectic, but gets easier every day.”  The easiest part he says is that traffic is light when he travels and BG isn’t that far away.
Eccles has also taught at Elk Grove last year, but since the senior class graduating was larger than the freshman class coming in, the classes he would teach disappeared.
“Luckily there were openings at [Prospect and BG] this school year,” Eccles said.  “The administrators were willing to align my schedule so I could travel.”
Of the two schools he works at, Eccles says Prospect is easier to get around in.
“At BG, it feels like there are hallways and corners everywhere,” Eccles said.
Although Eccles new schedule has become a hectic part of his job, and everyone has helped him get adjusted at Prospect.
“All the staff and students have been great and made me feel right at home,” Eccles said.