Debating to victory

By Jenny Johnson
News Editor
An hour debate to passing bills, Student Congress Debate is were students get the chance to play the role of a Congress member.
According to assistant coach Craig Bianchi, students research bills, then practice debating these bills. Every month they compete against different schools about the bills they have been practicing and they either get passed or vetoed.
Every month students elect three presenting officers since competitions usually consist of three different sessions. These students are also in a different chamber everytime so it is a great way to meet new people.
“Every year there is a captain meeting,” Caroyln DeSalvo , captain of Student Congress Debate said. “This is where all the other captains from the schools go and discuss about how the congressional debate is going to be ran.”
“Students who participate try to impress the judges with the logic of their argument, if they can refute other representatives argument, the timeliness of their research and practicality of what they are saying,” Bianchi said. 
 This club meets every Tuesday and Wednesday after school till four. The season is shorter now and goes up to January. They then have one last competition for anyone who qualifies in February goes to Northern Ill. for the state tournament.
Students also make if fun by rewarding one another with trophies as well as head coach David Schnell and assistant coaches Rebecca Hagberg-Cohen and Bianchi do. So besides getting rewarded at the monthly competition, there is many other ways you can get recognized for a job well done.
 Student Congress Debate’s next competition is Oct. 14 and 15 at Dundee Crown High School.