Say 'hey' to Brej

By Meghan Doyle
Executive News Editor

Science teacher Kathleen Brej is one of the new additions to the Prospect teaching staff this school year.
Science teacher Kathleen Brej is one of the new additions to the Prospect teaching staff this school year.

When walking into Kathleen Brej’s chemistry class, sophomore Viki Georgieva can expect to have a great time — and she can expect to learn something.
According to Georgieva, Brej is a great teacher who is always willing to give a helpful explanation to a student in need. The class starts by going over the previous night’s homework and Brej answering questions on the material.
Then, they move on to that day’s lesson, which is typically fun and interesting. Georgieva said Brej embellishes otherwise boring lessons with fun personal anecdotes.
“I like trying to come up with interesting and different ways to teach things,” Brej said, “so that it appeals to everyone, because everyone learns very differently.”
Though she seems like a seasoned pro, this is actually Brej’s second year of teaching. Last year, she worked as a substitute for science teachers on maternity leave at Buffalo Grove High School. She heard about the position at Prospect and, because she liked District 214, decided it was a perfect fit.
That wasn’t her only big move recently. Over the summer of 2007, Brej took a three week volunteer trip to Tanzania, Africa to work in a hospital and at an orphanage. While there, Brej went on safari and stayed with the Maasai tribe, which was a “very interesting cultural experience.”
Back in the states, yet outside of school, Brej loves watching movies, with more than 300 titles in her Netflix list. She also spends time outside on her rollerblades, and with her large family, especially her younger cousins.
In the future, Brej hopes to stay at Prospect and get more involved with the school and activities, as she is starting to coach Science Olympiad this year. Most of all, Brej hopes to continue having fun at her job and interacting with her students.
“It’s important to me that I enjoy what I do every single day,” Brej said. “I love science, and I love helping students learn.”
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