Art Club creates place for expression

By Jenny Johnson
News Editor
Taking a trip down memory lane by making crafts like shrinky dinks and tye-dying, is a perfect way to explain the fun that goes on in art club.
Being creative and not getting a grade for it could be just the break students need. Even if your not creative it could help build skill for when teachers put you on the spot to draw a brain and it turns out looking more like a sea shell.
“We do activities that are outside of the curricular description,” art club sponsor Lisa Christoffersen said.
According to Chirstoffersen, art club meets every other Wednesdays were they take on different tasks that they decide on as a club.
“[Club members] brainstorm as a group the things they would like to do,” Christoffersen said.
Students are allowed to join at any point, as long as they pay the $10 fee for all the supplies. They can also come and go as they please and are encouraged to bring in friends.
“It’s one of my favorite clubs this year,” junior Ali Preissing said. “I am involved with a lot and [art club] is fun, plus you get to take everything home.”
If all fails, at least your parents will love whatever you bring home.