Science Olympiad prepares students for future

By Jenny Johnson
News Editor
Junior Neil Sheth had no problem signing up for Science Olympiad for the third time since he wants to work in the engineering business in the future.
“It’s a good way to get competitive and designing things will be beneficial in the future,” Sheth said.
 When joining Science Olympiad, members get to pick what they think they are strongest in and work on that project every Thursday after school.
Events differ from building helicopters which are launched and seen how long it will stay in the air, to building a tower that that has to be light as possible, but holds the most weight.
They also have events were you are timed to describe a structure and your partner then has to try to make that model.
Head coach Kathleen Brej, signing up for two invites to help the team prepare for regional’s in March.
“It gives they extra practice and helps them see how [the events] go,” Brej said.
When Science Olympiad goes to regional’s, the team as a whole as a chance to make it to state in April.
Overall, Brej and Sheth can both agree that it is a great learning experience.
“I would encourage people who want a exposure to science and engineering because that’s basically were the money is going to be in 20 years,” Sheth said.