Film club: Behind the scenes

By Danielle Church
Staff Writer
Senior Vrajika Thakker liked making movies and figured other people would too, so she decided to start Film Club last year in March of 2011. At the start of the 2011 school year, Film Club had a group of 20 people. The club does not have an advisor and meets every Tuesday and Wednesday after school from the time school ends until four o’clock.
Many students and faculty members may not realize it, but Film Club actually does play a large role at Prospect according to Thakker. The group helps to create commercials for the announcements. Many people who don’t have time to make their own videos for their own clubs send an email to Technology Assistant Susan Ellen to ask Film Club to make these commercials for them.
Film Club also videotapes certain events for Prospect. When Orchesis had their dance show “Through Our Eyes,” Junior Amanda Gebelhoff was one of the members of the club who went to go videotape the show. They also filmed the Chinese performance; however, they mostly make commercials.
Sometimes members in the club get to be in their commercials. On the other hand, Thakker said she likes it more when she gets to make her own videos and then other members of the club get to be in her production.
Last year she was a nerdy, fat boy named Karl in a short film “Karl” created by herself and Senior Katie Maigler. It was one of her favorite memories from Film Club because she got to act and direct it along with Maigler.
Besides acting and directing, Thakker and other film club members including Gebelhoff have learned how to edit and to do the obvious, film movies.
According to Gebelhoff and Thakker, these skills can be difficult to accomplish because making movies requires a lot of patience.
“Something doesn’t go right everytime,” Gebelhoff said. “You can sit there for five minutes or more just waiting for the spinning wheel of death to go away.”
This only adds to the stress of making movies because of deadlines. Although technology isn’t always in their favor, both girls said they are very fortunate to have the school let them use the technology they have in order to make their productions.
“[The people at the technology help desk] are always really cool about helping us out,” Thakker said. “There wouldn’t even be a Film Club if it wasn’t for them.”