Taking a bite out of literature

By Khrystyna Halatyma
Features Editor
Head school librarian Christie Sylvester starts out Book Bites meetings by saying, “Raise a glass to Jared Vanhorn.”
Vanhorn was a Prospect alumni who was part of Book Bites but, several years after graduation, was tragically killed while changing a flat tire. His parents donated money for the school library, which was named in his memory. Most of the money has gone towards the quite study room and upholstery in it.
Book Bites is an after school club where students come in to discuss books they’ve recently read, or are currently reading. The club, created by Sylvester, was started around 10 years ago. There is no required reading because the club decided they did not want to be “assigned” reading as in a regular class, but wanted more freedom towards what they read.
“It is a collective mix of students…that discuss books and life in general,” said Sylvester.
Most of the students involved are also in JAMM club so the book discussions often stray towards manga such as, “House of Night.”
Although the club does not have a set meeting schedule, they try to get together after school at least twice a month on Wednesdays. Currently, there is no set meeting place but Sylvester thinks the library will be a good choice for future meetings.