Jack's Desserts

By Jack McDermott
Staff Writer

  • box of white cake mix
  • food coloring (Easter colors)
  • 2 tubs of frosting


  • Follow the instructions on the back of a cake box to make the batter.
  • Split the batter evenly into 5 bowls.
  • Squirt 2 drops of food coloring into each bowl to make different colors.  The colors will darken when baked.
  • Pour each bowl of batter into different 8-inch pans.
  • Bake for time and temperature mentioned on cake box.
  • Stack cakes on top of one another after they cool and add frosting between layers.
  • Enjoy!

Rainbow cake is one of the hidden desserts made for Easter.  Although some would disagree and say that a  great cake in the eye of tradition for Easter would be a lamb cake.  Lamb cake is an example of a great idea that went terribly wrong.  To get the shape of a lamb into a cake, the cake needs to be very sturdy.  To make a cake “sturdy”, means to add lots of flour with not much else, which leads to lamb cakes #1 problem, the coconut.  I’m not sure anyone likes candy coconut shavings, especially when mixed with bland cake.
The rainbow cake is a quick, colorful, and fun addition to any Easter celebration with a sure chance of receiving compliments.  The many tiers allow for lots more frosting and all the colors make you look like a pro.
If can’t do without a lamb on your Easter table, consider lamb shaped butter.  Lamb shaped butter and rainbow cake have some surprising similarities, they are both fun, cheap, and festive.