Sweet tweets of the week

By Andi Hayes

Staff Writer
Hi, my name is Andi Hayes, and as a procrastinator and being terrible at managing stress, I find ways to entertain myself.  One of these ways is through the website Twitter.  Before writing me off as one of those crazy girls who tweet all the time, (or use hashtags on Facebook for that matter), I will tell you that yes, I do tweet truly pointless things from time to time, but I use Twitter for the use and appreciation of dry humor, wit and just comedy.  

I am here to bring you one user a week that I have decided is deemed worthy of my approval.  This user has original, funny tweets and is not very well heard of. Hopefully, after following or at least checking out these users, your understanding of sarcasm will be much more clearer. And maybe after seeing these tweets your Twitter experience will be a little more pleasant.

1. @hipstermermaid
Yes, maybe you have seen a couple of Braden Graeber’s tweets, but considering looking into this user.  If you are like me, you enjoy clever tweets as much as the kids who create the announcements enjoy putting in strange dubstep songs every morning, (we are not at a club/rager, by the way).  Hipstermermaid manages to relate just about anything in life in a funny way, remarking upon something ironic or just plain stupid.  From celebrities to drinking coffee, there is always something to laugh at looking at his tweets.
What about that does not say funny? Sorry if any of you actually enjoy 19 Kids And Counting, but he does have a point.  Seeing as we don’t live in the days of pioneers anymore, there is no reason to produce more than MAXIMUM six kids. Unless you live on a farm, that might be more acceptable.  Having 19 kids just seems unnecessary to anyone’s life, especially since the older kids of the Duggar family raise the smaller children while the parents try to figure out the name of the next child (they all begin with J).
If you’ve heard one song from Adele you’ve heard them all right? No, not necessarily, but a vast majority of her songs include themes of revenge, angst, heartbreak, and anger. Except for “Set Fire to the Rain”, I’m pretty sure no one knows what that song’s about.
Therefore, Hipstermermaid does make a funny tweet considering that would be Adele’s April Fools joke on everyone.
It’s tweets like these that make me able to manage living in a society where a show exists about pre-melanoma 20-somethings partying and puking their guts out at New Jersey’s finest ‘shore’, all the while broadcast on national television.
In a world filled with people whose intelligence is, let’s say, sub-par, cynicism from users like Hipstermermaid make things a little more bearable.  If that doesn’t reel you in, I’ll say this: what are stupid things here for besides to make fun of?
Comment with your favorite tweets (keep it appropriate people) and we’ll publish the best ones!