Helping animals

By Khrystyna Halatyma
Executive In-Depth Editor|
Rescue dogs:
Freshman Claire Pontello bought her black lab mix from Kay’s Animal Shelter over ten years ago for her fourth birthday.
According to Pontello, the variety at Kay’s was fantastic and there was even an area behind the store where she could play with any dog she choose.
“They are the same dogs if not better,” said Pontello while comparing dogs bought from shelters to dogs bought from stores.
Pontello’s dog cost $80 and included the spaying of the dog.  Compared to the thousands of dollars that some store bought dogs cost, the choice was clear for her.
Want to get involved? 
Being a part of Foster 2 Home is easy, all you have to do it go onto their site,, and click on the “Volunteer” tab. Fill out the questionnaire provided and click submit. Options include applying for short- or long-term care. Some questions you might encounter include “Have you owned a dog before?” and “Do you maintain homeowner’s insurance?”.