Junior high schools become part of PHS

By Danielle Church
News Editor|
On Oct. 24, the choir department will be putting on their fall concert in the fieldhouse. However, the Prospect choir department will not be the only ones performing this year. For the second year in a row, the choir department has invited junior high kids from the Lincoln, South and Friendship choirs to sing along with them.

Music teacher Jennifer Troiano said she decided to invite kids from these three schools because she is always looking for ways to reach junior high students.

“I’m always trying to reach that kid who’s not in choir but has always wanted to try it,” Troiano said. “So, I just wanted to invite them to Prospect and let them see [what choir is like] before they get here.”

Troiano also believes it is important that she invite the junior high kids because of the community aspect.

“It gives the community a chance to see that the junior highs and the high school are working together, which is very important to keep the fine arts programs thriving,” Troiano said.

Although all the junior high choirs and the Prospect choir department can’t practice together because of the different schedules, Troiano believes that this will not affect their performance. She believes the junior highs focus more on the melody of the song and the feeder programs do such a great job of teaching their kids the notes.

“We are really blessed to have our junior highs that support music so well,” Troiano said.

Despite this, Troiano’s favorite part of the concert will be when Varsity Choir performs “MLK” by U2 and “Bring Him Home” from the musical “Les Mis.” She loves how the group rocks out to the songs during their practices.

The choir department has had all of first quarter to practice their songs. Troiano said she chose many of the songs based on the choir department’s Florida field trip they will be going on this year.

Every other year, the choir department travels to Disney World in Florida. Troiano has tried to bring back some classics from past Florida field trips for this year’s fall concert. Some songs include “MLK” by U2 and earth songs.

In fact, the Lincoln choir will be singing the song called “Into the Light” from the Disney movie “Tangled.” According to Troiano, many of the students in the Prospect choir department were happy to hear Lincoln would be performing this song because of its connection to Florida.

Troiano hopes that after having Lincoln, South and Friendship perform at the fall concert, it will encourage them to stay in choir once they get to Prospect.

“[The junior high students] know where the fieldhouse is and they’ve performed with the choir before so maybe it won’t be as awkward when they get here,” Troiano said. “Hopefully they see the choir department as a place where they can take their fine arts credit and [as a place where they can] stay and make a life at Prospect.”