10 things about…

By Maddy Moloney
Associate Editor-In-Chief|
1o things about… Nick Lucnaksy
1) Uses cooking as a stress reliever, his favorite things to make are a tie between his “specialty” in pastries, cinnamon rolls or a full New York strip steak.
2) “I’ve gotten really into rolls, and making certain types of bread at home.” Lucnaksy is one of the only people in his family who can actually rise dough. Lucansky says that it can be difficult for some people, however it came naturally to him.
3) Lucansky is so good at cooking that he was offered a job cooking at the five star Marriott in downtown Chicago. However he would never want to work in the culinary because of the long hours.
4) Currently he works multiple jobs: All American Services a construction company that specializes in excavation, his brother’s construction company and runs his own landscaping business.
5) Throughout Lucansky’s work experience he has learned how to weld, work with concrete, rough frame a home, lay down brickwork plumbing. “When I start doing something all my will power goes into that. I learn everything possible about that thing, to be the best at it that I can be.”
6) Lucansky’s true passion, however lies in his landscape company. “The way I look at it: its fun to me, I have a lot of fun with work, its not really work. The way I look at it is I haven’t really worked a day in my life.”
7) After to high school Lucansky plans to continue working at all three jobs. He estimates that he will be working close to 18 hours a day. “I won’t have time to breathe.” However down the line he in contemplating going into the automotive industry or going completely into construction.
8) Similar to Lucansky’s job experience, he keeps his hair unique. Generally in a long slicked back ponytail.  “Its who I am, it sets me apart from everyone else.”
9) However despite his uniqueness Lucansky doesn’t believe that he gets along with most of his class.“As many people know, especially my peers here, the senior class, 98% of our senior class doesn’t agree with me. We don’t get along in any shape or form and the best way to put it is I’m a southern sympathizer.”
10) Lucansky has pride in his southern sympathy/“I am the closest thing to a whole hearted country boy the suburbs have ever seen, if I had the chance and the money to do it, I would move down to Louisiana and live there the rest of my life.”