10 things about…

By Danielle Church
News Editor|
10 things about…..Junior Courtney Wong
1. Wong has been a part of girls’ soccer, orchestra and service club since freshmen year. However, Wong likes soccer the most because it is more fun and interesting.
2. The most influential person in Wong’s life is her older sister Lauren, who lives in New York. Wong looks up to her sister because she believes Lauren is very accomplished. Wong hopes to be as accomplished as her sister one day.
3. At the moment, Wong knows she would like to apply to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Wong doesn’t know what she wants to pursue as a career, but she does believe she might want to do something that involves math. She also would like to do something in the future that involves getting to know people.
4. Not many people know this, but Wong likes to play ping pong in her spare time. However, she does not watch the sport, especially during the Olympics, because “swimming or volleyball are always on.”
5. Wong has been playing the violin since she was four years old and also plans on joining the orchestra when she gets to college.
“I like a lot of the music and it’s a fun way to meet new people,” Wong said. “I love getting to know people.”
One of her major goals is auditioning for the spring aria competition.
6. Physical Education teacher Aaron Marnstein nominated Wong for the leadership conference. The leadership conference is a program that takes a couple students from each grade and then they all meet at Harper College for a day. During the day, students will participate in activities to learn how to become a better leader.
7. Since Wong is in orchestra, she will be going to London with them over Christmas and New Year’s Eve break. Wong has been to London before when she was very little. In addition to London, Wong has been to China, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Canada and France. She and her family travel a lot and usually vacation somewhere every other year.
8. In the future, Wong would like to participate in the Global Works program. Global Works is an organization that takes volunteers such as Wong from the United States, to foreign countries to build communities. Wong wants to participate in the Global Works trip that will go to Puerto Rico. The first half of the week she would help build and the second half of the week Wong would learn different activities such as learning to surf or how to swim in a waterfall.
9. One thing Wong has always wanted to do is go zip lining over a rainforest.

“It’s a little out of my comfort zone, but I really want to go [zip lining] because it looks so cool,” Wong said.

10. Wong and her sister are the first generation of their family to be born in the United States. Wong’s dad was born in China while her mom was born in the Philippines.