Awkward moment with Kelly

By Kelly Schoessling
Entertainment Editor|
If I’ve found one thing in common with anyone I’ve ever had a conversation with in my life it’s this: we all experience awkward silences.

They’re inevitable, no matter how much of a social butterfly you are, awkward silences still seem to creep in and out within certain conversations.

So I’ve created a guide to help you fill those awkward silences up within in second to get the conversation rolling.

1. Small talk is key.
Not all conversations have to be riveting. Sometimes people just want to chat about simple topics. The best example is school. Ask them about the classes they’re taking. Since both of you can relate and talk about your own opinions on the subject and awkward silences should be rare.
2. Don’t focus on yourself
People love to talk about themselves, though some tend to show it A LOT more than others. Ask them how their lives are going, and what they’re currently preoccupied with. It’s not only good for conversation, it’s also polite.
3. Keep the weather out of the conversation.
Unless you are speaking to relative or long-lost cousin, there is no reason to comment on the weather. It’s cliche, and it’s a blatant sign that you feel uncomfortable and are literally looking around you for conversation starters. So unless there is a natural disaster currently striking your location, keep the weather far from the conversation.
4. The key to talking is listening
Being enrolled into Journalism class, I’ve been taught to not only ask questions in interviews, but also create follow-ups to the answers people provide me. Though this is primarily a journalism technique, I think it’s a great social tip. When you’re in a conversation with someone, listen. Instead nodding quietly at them after they’ve finished talking, prod the conversation further. This also shows the person that you care about what they’re saying, and you’re willing to hear more.