Cheerleader's fundraise for competition

By Maddy Moloney
Associate Editor-in-Chief|

The cheerleaders are pulling out the big guns this year with fundraising. The team is trying to raise money in order to bring the team to a whole new level.
“We want to buy a lot of other things for our team to put us at a competitive level so fundraising is the way to do it.” cheerleading coach Jacqueline Grondski, who is charge of the teams fundraising said.
The money goes to help pay for new uniforms, new matts, choreography and by fundraising this helps to lessen the cost on the girls. This year the JV team is also competing which adds even more expenses.
This past week the cheerleaders were selling cinnabons, and had each cheerleader responsible for selling $60 worth of cinnabons. Last year the cinnabon sales brought the team in over $2000.
“I think we made about the equivalent to what we made last year we know it economic situations played into it, we didn’t order as many as last year. But we had more people wanting them so that was interesting.”
However this year the girls sold even more cinnabons than the coaches had expected.
Varsity cheerleader junior  Megan Marfilius says that cinnabons are the hardest to sell compared to the other fundraisers.
“Its not stressful but it certainly is a lot of work to convince people to buy them.” Marfillus said.
Marfillus says that she focuses on selling primarily to her friends, teachers, family friends and neighbors.
This Wednesday the 20th from 4pm to 8pm the cheerleaders will be hosting their fifth fundraiser at Panera. Past event have included selling yankee candles, selling “Show Love” T-shirts along with the football team and a Culvers partnership.