10 things about…

By Maddy Moloney

Associate Editor-in-Chief|

10 things about… Senior  Angel Kuikstra

1. The first thing Kuikstra wants people to know about her is not to judge her by her appearance.
“I might seem all tough and what not, but when you get to know me I’m actually nice and I protect my friends,” Kuikstra said. “If somebodys getting bullied or something I’m always the first people there to help them. Don’t just be scared of my appearance.”
2. Kuikstra has two major hobbies. She is an anime fanatic and a lyricist.
3. Kuikstra has considered pursuing a career in being a lyricist but realizes that it would be tough because of her struggles with asthma. Instead she plans to be a pediatric pulmonologist. Which she sees as a more realistic and helpful approach, where she would be able to help kids who struggle with asthma just like she does.
4. She also wants to get back to her roots. Kuikstra dreams of going back to Melvindale, Michigan because of all the strong connections she made with friends.
5. She loves to sing. Don’t be alarmed if you see her walking down the hall with headphones on singing in a different language. Kuikstra is a big fan of all different kinds of music, her favorite in particular to sing is Japanese.
6. Kuikstra is a huge fan of Japanese culture and a leader of JAMM club. (Japanese Anime Maga Modawa) The club watches anime, discusses different cultural aspects and even go on fieldtrips. Last year JAMM club took a field trip to Forest View .
“The people who are there they really like it because we get into the culture, we get into the information,” Kuikstra said. “Everyone enjoys it. It’s something everyone can connect to.”
7. She also started videogame club and it runs it much like she runs Anime club. Everyone is welcome and there is guaranteed fun.
“Everyone sit back, relax, have some fun. No worries, no judgement, no nothing. Everyones just there, everyone gets to know each other, everyone has fun.
8. Kuikstra is also a member of book bites and is close to both the Prospect librarians and Mount Prospect librarians.
9. She  also likes to unleash her creativity through writing, she  wrote a four page story her sophomore year and because of popular demand from her friends the four page story has turned into a 25 page novel still being written.
10. Kuikstra is allergic to over 30 different items and has over seven diseases.