By Katie Best
Managing Editor|
I’m not even kidding. With the coldness of winter (and the fact that I am a huge baby), heavy jackets are a must for the upcoming Chicago weather. However, while last year I was obsessed with peacoats as a jacket, I have found a new winter jacket love: PARKAS.
They are big and ridiculous, but cozy to the point where you feel like you’re snuggling with a polar bear or puppy. I found the perfect parka this year when I was at Madewell, but it was expensive. I was able to find the same jacket on eBay (which has become one of my new favorite shopping sites) for almost $100 cheaper than its list price.
Parkas are fantastic.
In order to find the perfect parka (lolcats alliteration), there are three qualifications: thick, waterproof outside, lined inside and hooded. Make sure you like your parka before buying it, because they can get pretty pricey, especially if you get real fur ( I wouldn’t advise this— don’t kill baby chinchillas!).
BUT some parkas can get pretty ugly…. Here are a few to stay away from.
<—Are you some type of Bigfoot? No? Then take off that parka.
Unless you’re hunting in the back woods of North Dakota this shouldn’t see the light of day.—>

<—WHAT. THE……..


This is only acceptable if you are wearing it to the Gay Pride Parade.—>