Cafeteria turning into Garden of Eden

By Kyle Brown
Copy Editor|
*Editor’s note: This was mentioned on pages 8-9 of the In-Depth spread  from Nov. 30’s print edition of the Prospector.
As a four-year cafeteria regular, I’ve gotten used to seeing a lot of the same food every day. This year, however, with the replacement of Panda Express with some off-brand orange chicken and my realization that I almost always dry heave while eating Brown’s Chicken, I decided I needed to make a change. I went looking for new food and I found love in the cooler all the way in the corner.
Much to my surprise, I found fruit, vegetables, pasta salad and even hummus waiting for me. It was the perfect solution to my lunch time strife. Here I have listed some of the fresh meals available in the cooler in the back.
Veggie pita wrap
This sandwich only costs $2.50 and includes cucumbers, carrot sticks, zucchini, tomatoes, green peppers and spinach sprinkled with some pepper and topped off with shredded cheese and ranch dressing. The veggie pita wrap is available nearly every day and is a surprisingly flavorful item. Not only that, but the colors just scream “healthy.” The cucumbers, carrots and zucchini add a nice crunch to contrast the creamy ranch, too.
Asian salad
Looking for a fresh, exotic flair to your lunch? Look no further than the Asian salad, just another back cooler gem. This dish is comprised of lettuce topped with mandarin oranges, radishes, little crunchy things (I honestly have no idea what they are, but they look like headless seahorses in my opinion) and a sweet, yet, tangy vinaigrette. This salad originally came with chicken as well, but I picked it out since I don’t eat meat. Nonetheless, the Asian salad is another beautiful meal with outstanding flavors sure to brighten up your afternoon.
Greek salad
The Greek salad is our cafeteria’s take on a classic. It of course includes the standard chopped lettuce, black olives, tangy feta cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes, but the lunch ladies added green peppers just for a little extra crunch, and green peppers on anything is an automatic winner in my book. Like the pita sandwich, this is available nearly every day.
Southwest pasta salad
I was a little unsure of this one at first because there were just so many elements packed into one little bowl, but after picking out every last piece of diced chicken (Oh the pains of being a vegetarian), I was in awe of what the lunch ladies had created for me. I had had their Southwest salad before, which was lettuce mix with black beans, tomatoes, corn and crushed tortilla chips, but adding their pasta salad on top was just plain genius. I was getting dimensions of flavor I had never fathomed from the Prospect cafeteria, yet it was all so deliciously simple. Keep your eyes peeled because this salad rarely pops up.