QR codes appear on lockers

Aungelina Dahm
Executive Sports Editor|
Walking into school on Wed., Dec. 5, students were welcomed with a Quick Response Code (QR Code) taped right on to every person’s locker.
With the course recommendation day being on Thurs., Dec. 6, the goal of the suspicious QR codes were to encourage students to think about taking a Career and Technology Education elective (CTE) course.
“With the [recommendations] coming up, we just want kids to be thinking about their future,” Business education teacher Tim Hennig said. “And we’re pretty lucky that we have all these different electives here. I tell my kids that I don’t want you going to college without any idea of what you want to go into.”
As kids were standing at the lockers scanning the codes, a few things would come up on their phones as a result. Sometimes nothing would pop up, or the Prospect CTE
Homepage or various statistics or quotes would come up.
One of the stats reported that the number one degree that kids get in college is some form of business.
Therefore, to encourage kids to sign up for one of their elective courses, there would be directions on the bottom of the screen (depending on what popped up after scanning) that would tell you to go to room 167 to receive a prize.
Attached to a piece of candy, there is a list of different courses that are available, and which ones are available for college credits.
Students may take many courses in the Family and Consumer Sciences category; such as, Introduction to Preschool, Human Growth and Child Development, Foods 1, Advanced Food Prep 2 and Sociology of Marriage and Family (to be Adult Living).
College credits in the Family and Consumer Sciences category are available for Culinary Arts/Pro Start 1 and 2, Fashion Merchandising and Preschool Practicum 1-4.
Even more so, students may take even more courses leaning toward the business aspect; such as Business Law, Computer Programming, Information Processing (Computer Applications), Introduction to Business (fulfills graduation requirement), Media Technology (Broadcasting), Personal Finance (fulfills graduation requirement), Sports Entertainment Marketing and Web Design.
There are also college credits in this category for AP Consumer Science, College Accounting, College Business, Entrepreneurship and IC3 (Digital Literacy).
In order to gain popularity for some of these new courses in hope to also get a better turnout for elective enrollment, the teachers in the CTE department and the kids in FCCLA club (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America) used this surprise attack with technology to create exciting suspense throughout the entire school.