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The Knightgames controversy

By Aungelina Dahm
Executive Sports Editor|
Knightgames created one of the biggest controversial issues this school year. Many questions such as, “Is Knightgames cancelled?” and “Will we have it next year?” were floating around in the halls the week after Knightimes.

“I personally feel, this is just my opinion, that Facebook took over Knightimes,” Student Council Advisor Lyn Scolaro said.
Principal Michelle Dowling wanted to wait to make a decision about next year’s Knightgames until emotions were calmed down and kids were “out of the moment of Homecoming.”
When the administration got together in the staff forum to talk about things going on in the building, they thought some students got wrapped up and carried away in the spirit of Homecoming.
“Overwhelmingly, the staff didn’t feel like that was a great experience,” Dowling said. “I know for a fact that not only the administration, but many of the kids also did not feel comfortable with what happened that night. And I think the hard part is, if you look at [the week of Knightimes], that day is probably the most spirited of the week. But is it spirited in the right way?”
According to Dowling, Prospect’s number one intent is to keep kids safe. There were a lot of kids that came to the office who were disappointed and said it got out of hand.
“We just need to be safe,” Dowling said. “If that means getting rid of that event, we will get rid of the event. If it means that we can do another event in its place, we’ll do another event. But will it be like this? We will not see Knightgames the way it’s been. There’s just too many risks.”
A concrete decision has not yet been made, but it will definitely not be the same as last year. It mostly depends on students’ behavior throughout this school year.
“What we came up with, and this is really the only decision that was made, is that it cannot look exactly like it’s looked this year,” Dowling said. “The event cannot be the same. Whether that means switching out games, whether it means not having it by class teams, whether it means not having the event at all, we don’t know. It depends on what the group who plans for Homecoming comes up with.”
Scolaro mentioned that no matter what event will be in place next year, it will be something fun that the entire school will enjoy.
“I will find something else to bring everybody together,” Scolaro said.
Even though it may seem that this tradition that the school has come to love may be disappearing, there is still possibility that the students can show the staff that they are ready to show maturity.
“We just need to be more convinced it wouldn’t [look like it did this year],” Dowling said. “And so what would it look like and how is it going to be different, so we can be assured that their aren’t going to be kids running off the bleachers hitting each other. That’s what it came to this year.”
Students can get together a group of friends and write a proposal for new ideas that can be incorporated into Knightgames. They can then be brought to your class board, Scolaro, Student Council or the Prospect Leadership Board.
“Try to find ways that we can celebrate our community,” Dowling said. “We can do it in a fun way. We can do it in a way that is assured that everyone’s going to be included, and that no one is going to be hurt.”
The Prospect Leadership Board doesn’t start discussing topics for Knightgames until April. So, students have until then to come up with things that they would like to see during Knightimes 2013.
“As an administration, we’re not going to decide what your Homecoming activities are,” Dowling said. “We’re going to let the kids who are in these programs with the adults make the decision about what they would like to propose [for what activities to have during Knightimes].”
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