Wacky news

By Nabi Dressler
Executive News Editor |
The story: Pizza Hut Canada, along with advertising firm Grip Limited, developed a perfume that smells like when a pizza box gets opened. They sent the exclusive scent to 100 Facebook fans.
My take: Can you not do that, though. As tempting as smelling like grease and calories is, I’d pass. I’m pretty sure not even the Pizza Hut execs want to smell like pizza, but if their motive was to create publicity, which it probably was, they succeeded.
Then again, they’re Canadian (Kidding, Americans love their pizza more. I just had to have a Canadian joke in here somewhere).
I wouldn’t want to smell like the food in our cafeteria (no offense to the food, of course, because I wouldn’t want to smell like anything in this school, period). The thought of spraying the scent of nachos with beef and cheese onto my clothes isn’t too appealing to me, but the thought of eating the nachos is quite nice.
Seriously, I really like cafeteria nachos.