Awkward moment with Kelly

By Kelly Schoessling
Executive Entertainment Editor|
Let’s be honest with each other, teenagers are overdramatic. Trust me, I’m one of them. We like to think that every single event that happens in the course of one day will determine the rest of our futures.
Over the past few months I’ve started to notice a growing trend within my high school generation. Along with eyeliner and axe body spray, we’re overusing the word ‘awkward’. defines the word awkward three different ways in context.
1. lacking skill or dexterity.
2. lacking grace or ease in movement.
3. lacking social graces or manners
Now I’m a huge enthusiast of being awkward, after all I do write an entire blog based around the concept. I do think however, people have forgotten the right circumstances an awkward situation calls for.
The other day, a girl next to me in my English class dropped her pencil on the ground and whispered, “Oh, awkward!” No, not awkward just gravity doing it’s job.
Now overusing the “A” word not only makes you sound like a valley girl, it can also can rub people the wrong way.
When you’re in a the middle of a perfectly fine conversation with someone and you randomly blurb out, “Awkward!” It makes the person you’re talking to feel embarrassed, because they didn’t view the conversation as weird at all. Therefore you just inadvertently caused an awkward situation.
Now it wasn’t until last year in my Spanish class that my teacher, Danielle Ossman, gave me an idea to help stop people from overusing the ‘A’ word.
Ossman told my class about the story of a girl in her college course class who would get beeped at by her professor every time she used the word ‘like’ as a sentence filler.
Therefore every time my good friend said awkward in a completely irrelevant way, I beeped at her to remind her.
Now my friend doesn’t use the ‘A’ word half as much as she used to. She uses crazy vocabulary like amateurish, unrefined, and inelegant.
So the next time you find the “A” word coming out of our mouth, stop for a second and think about its relevance. And if you’re not 100% just follow the three awkward situation rules:
1. Someone was physically hurt in the process of a serious situation.
2. Somebody died.
3. Kristen Stewart is involved.