Thrifting online

By Katie Best
Managing Editor|
While thrifting is a form of shopping that can be done in the city, it has also become a sensation on the wonderful web as well. There are various websites online where one can order vintage and thrifted clothing without even having the leave their own couch. The only downfall is paying for shipping, which for some items, can get expensive. Luckily, online thrifting makes finding unique items easier because the chore is sifting through items is taken out of the equation.
So, in order to fully experience online thrifting, here are some of the top sites to find vintage and thrifted clothing.
Etsy: This website is probably one of the best places to find unique, hand-made and vintage items. Etsy has items ranging from clothing, accessories, furniture, art— basically anything under the sun. There are tabs and a search engine so it makes looking for something specific easier. Not only that, but it also has some of the best selections as far as vintage clothing goes. The prices are still generally pretty cheap, especially because the items on the site are for sale by private owners much like e-bay.
ModCoth: While ModCloth’s vintage section is more expensive than ordinary thrifting, it’s selection is amazing. The items available are carefully selected and authentic vintage. Their regular website also offers clothing and accessories that, while not vintage or thrifted, are still equally as cute and often have a vintage vibe.
E-bay: This website is the Salvation Army of the internet. There are thousands of vintage and thrifted items available on here. One of the only downfalls of this is the fact that one must know what they are looking for in order for it to be easy. There is no “vintage” tab so it is more difficult to find what you’re looking for.
Attic Clothes: Probably one of my personal favorites, Attic Clothes is a website where one can buy, sell and trade clothes. It sells designer clothing and accessories, as well as other items. Attic Clothes has some of the coolest items on the web and is easier to use because it has easy-to-read instructions about using the site.