Homecoming week kicks off with hallway decorating

Students decoate the entrance to the LTC. This year the hallways were decorated by classes and clubs.
Students decorate the entrance to the LTC. This year the hallways were decorated by classes and clubs.

By Megan  Maughan
News Editor
For last year’s Homecoming, the halls were decorated by different Prospect groups and clubs.  In the years before, the halls were decorated according to grade levels.  This year, however, halls have been decorated to represent both clubs and grade levels.
“It’s nice because students like to decorate according to classes, so they’re happy, but clubs also get representation,” Junior Class Board member Alex Osvath said.
Hallway decorating took place this Sunday, Oct. 4 from 1 to 4 p.m, with each hallway split between grade levels and club .  For example, the junior hallway is also decorated for FCCLA and the Cricket Club.
Senior Connor Sullivan helped decorate the hallway from the commons to the foyer to look like the outside of a castle, which represents Student Council.  Senior Student Council member Claire Kozak, who also helped decorate the foyer, said that in order to prepare for the hallway decorating, Student Council had meetings beforehand to plan out the decorations and decide what needed to be bought and made beforehand.
Decorations were made and purchased according to the “Medieval Knights” theme, but there weren’t many guidelines.  According to junior class board member Emily Ruszack, there was one meeting about the theme, but other than that students were given a lot of artistic freedom and made the decorations before they came on Sunday.
Also, this year only the first floor is being decorated for homecoming, which Osvath thinks is a good idea.
“We’d rather have one spectacular floor than three iffy floors,” Osvath said.senior hallway
Freshman Ali Preissing joined her friends in helping to decorate the commons, and is looking forward to her first year of Homecoming.“The hallways look really cool and I think it will be fun to see everyone dressed up for the different theme days this week,” Preissing said. “It’s my first year, so I’m just really excited for homecoming and seeing all the school spirit.”
As a senior, Kozak is excited about activities such as Knightgames and said that, “Hopefully, we have a chance of winning this year since we’re seniors.”  However, she’s just as excited about everything this Homecoming.
“It’s my senior year,” Kozak said, “I get to go have fun at everything one last time.”
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